About us

Overlooking the sea, Boka School International is a preschool and primary school located in Portonovi resort near Herceg Novi, Montenegro.

The school evolved in response to the specific needs of the community for an international education. The idea was to create an educational environment where students of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds could learn harmoniously together. The goal of Boka School International is to build a nurturing environment where students can pursue the following goals.

Academic excellence: 

Students will meet or exceed an international academic standards.

Working language: 

Students will become proficient speakers, readers, and writers of English.


Students will affirm their cultural identity, explore other cultures and cultural issues, and develop a multicultural and pluralistic vision of the world.


Students will experience the power and beauty of diversity and recognize its potential to enrich, enlighten, and ameliorate classrooms, communities, and the world around them.